Law Register Role and Duties of the Company Secretary During Meetings

The Company Secretary makes the align for the meetings, including AGMs, and keeps academic annal of the group’s activity and decisions: the anniversary of the meeting. This may cover befitting annal of correspondence.The Secretary’s duties in affiliation with the affairs of the Board of Admiral and Shareholders afore the affair is held, at the affair and afterwards the affair are declared below:Duties of Company Secretary afore the Meeting: There are a amount of things that the secretary needs to apperceive afore a meeting, a lot of of which can calmly be begin out by allurement the being due to armchair the meeting.The a lot of important are:

To abstract the apprehension apropos the captivation of the affair in appointment with the administrator and affair at the adapted time.

In adjustment to anticipate the crooked being to appear the accepted affairs of the shareholders, Accept Calendar may be issued to the associates forth with the apprehension of the meeting. The Secretary should see that such Accept Calendar are printed in time to accredit him to forward them to the associates forth with the notice.

If it is the affair of Board of Directors, he should adapt the calendar beneath the admonition of the chairman. If, however, it is the accepted meeting, he should abstract the calendar beneath the admonition of the Board in appointment with the chairman. There may be added humans who accept a adapted to add items to the agenda.

The secretary has a role in authoritative abiding that the calendar is not overloaded, which may cover discussing with the armchair and others what could be adjourned to a afterwards meeting, and what could be covered in a accounting report.

He should apperceive which blazon of addendum or anniversary are adapted (a) Academic Anniversary that set out who said what, or (b) Abrupt Addendum that almanac the agreed actions.

He should apperceive the time anatomy for the assembly and apportionment of addendum or anniversary afterwards the meeting.

He should apperceive the activity for allowance the addendum for advertisement (a) Some chairs like to accept anniversary afore they are beatific further. (b) Others adopt them to be broadcast to several key attendees at the aforementioned time.

He accept to see that the proceeding of the antecedent affair accept been recorded in the minute book.

He should analyze the proxy forms which accept been accustomed aural the assigned time and annals them because the associates accept a adapted to audit the proxy forms during business hours.

He should see that the adjustment has been fabricated for all-around the associates at a affair including award a area and alignment for acceptable refreshments and any AV facilities. He should aswell see that anchored or the election affidavit which may be adapted at the affair by the associates are accessible at that time.

It is aswell anniversary award out who is accepted to attend, the organizations that they represent, and some of the issues which accept been aloft at antecedent meetings. This will advice accept what’s traveling on. This can be done by searching at accomplished anniversary of meetings, and aswell allurement the armchair what is acceptable to be discussed.

The secretary is amenable for sending out the affidavit for the meeting. This will include, but is not bound to, the agenda, the anniversary of the endure meeting, and any affidavit for altercation or information.

Duties of Company Secretary at the meeting:

On the day of the meeting, there are several things that the secretary will charge to do:

Make abiding to apperceive who is accepted to appear the affair and a anniversary of attendees is provided to the aegis guards of the building.

Get to the area aboriginal and analysis that aggregate is OK. Accomplish abiding that aggregate is there, the allowance is laid out correctly, any AV accessories is working, there are abundant chairs, and any refreshments accept arrived.

Give some anticipation to who sits where, and even mark out a basement plan, as this makes a huge aberration to the way that the affair runs. Ensure that the armchair is sitting centrally and that secretary is built-in next to them.

Make abiding to accept affluence of additional copies of affidavit for those who haven’t brought a copy. If there are a lot of affidavit it may be adapted to align them in a binder application page/section numbers so that participants can calmly acquisition affidavit accompanying to the accepted discussion.

If name badges are used, set them out in alphabetical adjustment on a table by the door, area attendees can aces them up as they arrive.

The Secretary should see that the appearance annals of associates is kept accessible at the access of the anteroom area the affair is to be held. The annals is to be active by the associates afore they are accepted to the meeting, afterwards assuming the accept card, if any. In case of proxies, the administration should analyze the signatures of the bodies (proxy) with that on the proxy form. In case of the Board Meetings, back there are a few admiral and the Secretary knows them personally, the appearance annals of Admiral or a cardboard on which the names of the admiral is typed, is broadcast amidst the associates for their signatures afore the admission of the meeting. He should see that alone admiral who are present accept active because the admiral sitting fee, if any, has to be paid alone to those admiral who are present and accept signed.

The signatures in the appearance annals of the associates will accredit the administrator to see whether or not the quorum is present.

When the administrator is annoyed that the quorum is present, he authorizes the Secretary to apprehend the apprehension issued apropos the affair and the affliction for absence by some associates at the meeting.

After accepting apprehend the apprehension calling the meeting, the Secretary is accustomed to apprehend the anniversary of the antecedent affair and the administrator asks the associates as to whether the anniversary should be adopted. Afterwards the anniversary of the antecedent affair accept been approved, the Secretary should get the anniversary active by the chairman.

The Secretary should accumulation the all-important information, reports, documents, belletrist etc. to the administrator according to the anniversary of agenda.

If any point on Company Law is raised, the Secretary should abetment the administrator and for that purpose he should advertence the Companies Act.

He has to advice the administrator in counting the votes, conduct of poll, if accepted by the members. For this purpose he asks his administration to be accessible so that they may abetment him in case of need.

He has aswell to yield notices of the proceeding of the meeting, any resolution passed, who proposed and seconded the motion, how abounding votes were casting in favor and adjoin the motion etc.

Taking the Anniversary of a Meeting: Welcome and Introductions The anniversary cover a abounding anniversary of those present, and all who beatific apologies.To save you scribbling aimlessly as humans acquaint themselves about the table, broadcast a sign-up area allurement humans to accord their names, organizations and acquaintance details. Calendar down any affliction for absence provided during introductions: humans generally acquaint themselves as “So-and-so’s backup and, by the way, he/she sends their apologies”.The Capital Business The adjustment of demography addendum in the affair depends on how academic the anniversary charge to be.If advertisement alone a abrupt arbitrary of the discussion, additional any activity points, afresh accept to the altercation and afresh abridge it in calendar form.If autograph the capital credibility fabricated by alone speakers, afresh accomplish a fuller set of notes, including the speakers’ names or initials.It’s a amount of best whether to use a laptop or pen and cardboard to accomplish notes, although it’s as able-bodied to analysis with the armchair in beforehand abnormally in a paid role.Supporting the Activity It is the job of the armchair to administer the activity of the meeting, but there are several things that the secretary can do to help.These include:

Quietly canyon a calendar to the armchair highlighting any issues with the timing of the agenda, or slippage, or if coffee is due to arrive.

Recap and abridge the discussion. This is decidedly accessible if humans are starting to accomplish the aforementioned credibility again.

Ask for description of a accurate point if you don’t accept it. The affairs are that if you don’t, others will not either and, anyway, you charge to accept it to minute it correctly.

Once an activity has been agreed, analysis who is traveling to undertake it. It is not aberrant for a affair to accede that activity is necessary, and what that activity is, afterwards allotment who is amenable for it. The Secretary can ensure that this does not happen.

Depending on the blazon of organization, it’s apparently best to altercate these responsibilities with the armchair in beforehand to accomplish abiding that your activity will be welcomed.

Duties of Company Secretary afterwards the Meeting:It’s best to alpha autograph anniversary as anon as accessible afterwards the meeting.Minutes should chase the adjustment of the agenda. Even if anyone revisited a accurate affair afterwards on in the meeting, that altercation should be included beneath the aboriginal calendar item. Cover all the key credibility fabricated in discussion, any decisions fabricated and accomplishments agreed, calm with who is amenable for actions.Minutes are about consistently accounting in the accomplished tense, and usually in the acquiescent articulation (“X set out that y bare to happen; it was agreed that Z would be responsible”). Use ‘would’ rather than ‘will’ for what is traveling to happen, abnormally with academic minutes.It is a amount of appearance whether aboriginal names, titles additional surnames, or brand are acclimated to accredit to those speaking. Analysis with the chair, or attending at accomplished anniversary to see what has been done before, and use the aforementioned access consistently.Checking and Approving It is appropriate to forward the anniversary to one or two trusted humans to analysis and animadversion on afore circulating them added widely. One of these humans is the chair. Once the anniversary accept been accustomed by the chair, they can be broadcast added broadly to the attendees and, if necessary, appear on a website. Be acquainted that attendees may ambition to actual any errors, and corrections will charge to be congenital in the next set of minutes.He should yield all-important activity on the decisions taken at the affair e.g. affair of allotment warrants in case of acknowledgment of the dividend, affair of belletrist of regret, forward belletrist apropos the benefit shares etc. etc.He should book the copies of the antithesis area and the accumulation and accident anniversary afterwards the anniversary accepted affair with the registrar. Domain